Water Conservation in Los Angeles

Saving Water at Home

When it comes to water conservation every little step helps. A leaky faucet can waste 1500 gallons of water per month.

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Rebate Programs

Rebates for installing water-saving devices in your home and yard are widely available in Los Angeles County.

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Rebates for high-efficiency devices and landscapes.

water rebates

Water Conservation Landscaping

water conservation landscapingOne of the most effective and lasting steps you can take to conserve water is to convert your yard into a drought-resistant landscape.

Get an estimate of how much water you might save by changing to a drought-resistant landscape.

Groundwater Conservation and Replenishment

What can you do to conserve water and replenish the groundwater of your local aquifer?
Support LA's Green Alley Project


You can also save water used in landscaping by gathering rainwater. Check out the links below:
Rain Barrels
Rainwater as a resource

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Bewaterwise hosts the helpful California Friendly Garden Guide. The Guide has a large number of examples of drought-resistant plants and landscapes and allows you to create a personal catalog of plants to help you plan your new garden.

Use our handy Water-Saving Calculator to estimate how much you might save by switching to drought-resistant landscaping

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